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Saturday is Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice occurs on Saturday, December 21, at 8:19 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, as the sun slinks across the sky taking the quickest, lowest possible path.

Mysterious, yet dependable, Winter Solstice is a natural, universal holiday (observed in symmetry on the opposite hemisphere.)

This singular celestial moment underpins a spectrum of spiritual, agricultural, emotional, religious, and planetary phenomenon and is wondrous stage dressing to the coming of Light, including the birth of Jesus.

If you feel you’re barely hanging on, take comfort in knowing there is a limit to the darkness. Winter solstice is the turning point, after which life-giving light will start gaining.

But after you’ve made as many trips around the sun as I have, you don’t want to rush the passing of another season. I say, savor the dark. Embrace seclusion and quiet. Sip hot bone broth. Read, introspect, hibernate, be still.


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