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My favorite writing haunt in Topanga Canyon: Cafe Mimosa

A small cup of angel cards sits on the pastry vitrine at Café Mimosa, where patrons may divine a message while Claire Denis steams their latte. “I always like to pick three,” Claire explains, shaking the cup. “It’s like a little story.” Born in Normandy, Claire entered the restaurant trade as an actress in Paris. Following her heart, she started her family in Los Angeles and, fourteen years ago, obeyed her gut instinct to buy the Mimosa. A vestige of notorious artists and intellectuals, displaced by imminent domain and gentrification, are at home here, recognizing the Café as nothing less than a portal between worlds, a space held by Claire’s tolerance, kindness and generosity. Her open doors are also the venue for many first exhibits, readings, concerts, local handcrafts, and charitable events. “It’s inspiring to see women doing big things, and be outspoken. It’s not me. I can do small acts of love in everyday life, be open and present, and trust whatever the Universe is giving. I would tell women to wake up and pay attention to who you have around you.” One by one, Claire lays the providential cards on the table. Faith. Delight. Openness.


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